Q:  What are those marks?
They are suction marks from the small cups.  They faded away in about a week.  Some marks are darker than others.  The darker the color, the more effective that particular cupping point was.

Q:  Does it hurt?
No -- you feel a slight pinching sensation, but no pain. 

Q:  What is this therapy used for?
 Most clients ask for cupping when they have sore muscles, backaches, stiff neck and shouders from stress or hard work.  The results are immediate and lasting. Cupping is basically a form of deep-tissue acupressure.  And historically, it has been used for the same symptoms that are treated by acupuncture.

Q:  How is the suction done?
  Modern cups are clear plastic, often with a connection to a tube and a manually-operated air pump.  There is a valve on the cup where the air can be released when the cup is removed.  There are several different sizes of cups, which allow a more focused or a broader contact with the various acupressure points.

Q:  How long does a session take?
A:  The normal session is one hour.  It consists of the following parts:

  • 15-20 min:  massage
  • 5 min:  cups are applied
  • 15-20 min:  cups doing their work
  • 2 mins:  cups removed
  • 15-20 min:  massage

 Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  Same pricing as for regular massage.  See our Price List.

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Cupping Therapy Q & A

Sometimes called the most effective form of deep-tissue therapy, cupping therapy has a 2,500-year history.  It is a very powerful form of acupressure, and has been used to treat everything from cold symptoms to muscular spasms.

Cupping Therapy